20 Promises You Should Make To Yourself To Become A Better Person

Which is the biggest thing you want to have in your life? For most of the people, the answer is 'happiness'. However, it's never effortless to get that one thing in life. Most people find it really tough to be happy entirely. One of the biggest ways of being happy is to make yourself a better person everyday. Some people think that being a better person means simply having accomplishment in life or making more money which is never correct. What is actually meant by making yourself a better person is to improve yourself emotionally, mentally, and also in your personal life at the same time.  This process of changing for the better is never easy. One of the biggest ways of reconstructing oneself is to make some specific promises and keeping them to the end. The promises you're going to make are going to be your commitments to yourself. There are going to stay in your mind and also going to work as daily mantras which is going to motivate you every moment to work for the b

35 Awesome Quotes About Happiness

Happiness is an invaluable and precious feeling that can never be bought by anything in this world. Happiness is the feeling of joy, contentment or fulfillment. It's a feeling that is easy and hard for many people to have at the same time. To elaborate, you may find tons of people having everything they ever wanted but still couldn't be happy. On the other hand, you may also find people who have several problems and miseries in their life but still they look so sunshiny. I know it may sound a bit crazy but that's true. Since the fact is, people have their own definitions of happiness. Because, people only defines those things as happiness that really make them happy. Whereas, for others it may feel a bit skeptical for them. In this article, you're going to know about the different definitions and opinions some of the greatest people in the history had  on happiness. Also for those who find it really challenging to be happy often, this article would be also giving them s

25 Lovely Quotes That Will Inspire You To Love Yourself

Self love means the power of loving yourself and accepting yourself in any kinds of situation that comes in your life. Self love means the estate of mind where you know that you're enough for yourself. It means the power and commitment of not losing faith in yourself even in your hardest time. Self love is more precious than you think. However mastering this is never a piece of cake. Especially, when it comes to self acceptance, many people fail since now there are so many people are being around us who try to influence us with their thoughts every moment. As we grow up, we are taught different kinds of social rules, manner and various other things. But people barely teach us how to love ourselves. Self love requires some personal realizations and motivations. We cannot influence your realization though, but we could serve by giving some motivations.  In today's article, you're going to discover 25 lovely quotes that will inspire you to love yourself.     So, if you're